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Hey Dixie someone is visiting our website, smile pretty!

Hows this? CHEESE!

We are no longer available for your event. We perform for Worlds of Fun Amusement Park exclusively.

Welcome to Mutt-allica, a dog sport and just horsing around show.
An Ultimate Canines LLC. produced show, uniquely called Mutt-allica is a family oriented show developed by Mary and Tom Clements of training and dog sport fame. They along with 15 rescued, adopted and found on the street animals, have created a show that stands heads and tails above the rest. A show that is perfect for any age and is clean family entertainment which is hard to find these days.  The show is a combination of rescued and adopted dogs plus added two years ago, Darlin Dixie the worlds most talented Mini Horse! The dogs perform tricks, world class frisbee dogs (Head Mutt, Tom Clements is a World Champion/Finalist), High Jumpers and a few surprises. Then Dixie wows the crowds with her Basketball playing, painting, dancing, playing instruments and you name it! All put together with modern music and professional announcing. Head announcer Tom has been on the mic for 15 years now!


























Available for;


  • State fairs

  • Festivals

  • Conventions

  • Pet expos

  • Concerts

  • Half Time Entertainment

  • Balloon festivals

  • Auto races

  • Extreme Sporting events

  • Theme Parks


PRICES: Each venue offers different circumstances and we must figure out those circumstances prior to giving you an honest price quote. For instance how many shows a day, how far is it to drive to your venue, how many days are we to perform etc. Based on the information you provide to us we can quote you a solid price within 24 hours.  We also offer the lowest deposit in the business!


Make sure to visit our FAQ page, we think we have answered most of your questions there.

Click on Dixies self portrait to visit her very own website where you can order your very own Dixie original work of art!

Starting 2017, Darlin Dixie can only perform locally or 300 miles from our home base (Wheatland Mo). The dog show however can travel cross country.

Headlining act at Worlds of Fun

since 2008!

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